Last Updated: 12th February 2018

Privacy protection and NDAs

  • If required, an NDA can be signed an agreed upon by both parties.
  • All steps will be taken to ensure that information, data, and files provided by the client are kept secure.

Payment terms

  • Projects over the value of £150 require a deposit before commencement, this will usually be 25% for sub £1k projects, and 50% for £1k+ work unless otherwise specified in communications.
  • The Client agrees to pay the Supplier either the agreed-upon hourly rate, or a fixed price denoted by an estimate document issued to The Client.
  • All invoices should be paid via BACS bank transfer or another acceptable means within 14 days of receipt at the most.
  • Late invoices may be charged interest at the statutory rate, and be subject to a late payment fee of 5% of the invoice value for every 14 days the amount remains unpaid.

Property Rights and Ownership

  • Ownership of the I.P. and rights surrounding the work transfer to the client after payment is made in full. Agreements around this matter can be made in writing before commencement of the project if desired.
  • I love to display my work, so i reserve the right to display your project on my website or in other formats with the sole purpose of it acting as a testimonial to my skills - if you don't wish your project to be part of this, we can discuss this at any time during the project.