My Rates

Here's the overview on my usual rates and prices for development work. However, I can be flexible depending on your timeframe, budget, industry, and other mitigating factors, so please don't be scared to get in touch.

Project Work

£385 / day

£55 / hour

Based on a 7 hour work day.

Ad-Hoc/"Urgent" Work

£65 / hour

Extra is charged to accommodate re-scheduling work already in progress that might be delayed.

Minimums & Deposit

I rarely take on new projects that are less than £1000 in value.

A minimum 25% deposit is required before work commences.

Note: VAT is not currently applicable to my prices.

More Information

If you have questions or concerns about my pricing then read on for more information.

"Wow, £50+ an hour, that's a lot of money!"

Is it? If you compare the rates of an experienced professional plumber or electrician, is it really that much more?

Besides, don't forget I don't walk away with that amount, I pay income tax, national insurance, and have company expenses.

I have over 15 years of web development experience, and I spend much of my time sharpening my skills and keeping up with the ever-moving zeitgeist that is the web and technology industry.

"Can I have a discount?"

In most cases I'm willing to be flexible to meet your budget if it's feasible - after all, you want the best bang for your buck you can get.

However, most of the time, this flexibility is achieved by looking at your project, it's requirements, what's achievable, and how we can make your budget fulfil your requirements in the best way.

I may sometimes offer discounts or additional pro-bono hours to charities and non-profit companies.

If your budget doesn't stretch far enough, I'll sometimes work with you to find a solution that would better suit you, or refer you to someone else who can help.

At the end of the day, business is business: time and resources cost money - I run a business, and you have a budget. I like to say that I'm conscious of both, and i like to work with people who

I may not always be the best fit for your project.

And that's fine! I won't be offended, and I will always try to be honest and encourage being open in this situation.

Sometimes I might feel that i'm not the particular person to tackle the project you're pitching. Other times I might think I know someone from my extended network who would be an even more perfect fit than I am.

"It's cheaper/better elsewhere"

Cheaper web developers are available. If you know them and trust them, and they can do the job at a lower cost then I'm not going to undercut them. I'll never compete based on price.

The internet has conditioned people to expect a lot for very low cost. Self-service website builders out there charge very little, mostly because they rely on a small subset of templated features to serve a large number of paying customers.

In my decade plus of experience, choosing a developer (or a contractor in general) based entirely on price tends to create more cost down the line.

Estimates and quotes

Finally, it’s important to understand the distinction between “estimates” and “quotes” as they are different things and I’ve often had clients not understand what kind of price they are given.

Sometimes I will give you a quote - this is a fixed price for a defined project. I’ll complete the agreed work for the price stated. If the work changes then the price will change.

Quotes are usually given for larger pieces of work that can be well-defined.

An estimate is just that: my best guess at how long I think the work will take. It's not fixed. I'll do my best to deliver withing the stated amount, but there are probably signigficant unknowns that could prevent me doing so.

Get In Touch

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