I thought it was high time to hold myself accountable for finally launching Endear - while previewing some of the features coming with it. So here's some of the work that's done, and some that's yet to be done:

Note, when i say 'We' or 'Our', i mean "Me and the Product", not "me and the team", as this is a solo endeavour.

Survey Types.

There are four survey types ready to go: NPS, Star Rating, Emoji (Which we're calling sentiment), and the A/B image survey.

(You might see this image doing the rounds on promo material or our upcoming homepage)

This is going to be our offering, so that we can expand the tools surrounding these types over the coming month, but I am looking to expand the types Endear offers.

Overview Reports

Your dashboard will show an overview of the surveys' current data at a glance.

And the all responses screen shows you a preview of how each respondant answered so you can see at a glance too:

It's also on the roadmap to implement more detailed breakdowns and tools to help you actually do something with the results.

You'll also obviously be able to export result sets.

Realtime Dashboard

This is one of our USPs, so obviously we're keeping it under wraps a little - along with leaving it until the core survey-side of the product is ready.

The idea will be that you can set this up on a TV in the corner of your office and see your customer statistics in realtime.

Direct link surveys

Poeple can take surveys through a direct link supplied by the user, but they must supply an email address to answer it so we can determine that they're legit:

Note: the logo is pixelated deliberately - it was a failed 16-bit logo of the black lab branding.

Pricing Preview

Pricing this thing has to be one of the greatest challenges i've ever faced. Trying to plan a model that's sustainable as well as attractive is super difficult.

Here's a crack at preliminary pricing - remember, this probably will change in the coming weeks.


I've chosen to give 50p from each subscription payment to local charity Carlisle Eden Mind.

Why this Charity? I believe they're doing work to support people in this crazy world we live in, in less than ideal circumstances.

Why a local Charity and not a national one? Because in the age of the internet, everything is global, except, it really isn't when it comes to people needing help.

Get a discount when we launch

Head over to http://endear.app to get a discount when we launch!